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About Me

Eva is AuDHD and originally from Seattle, Washington, and is a huge Musical Theatre kid. She studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London in the Foundation program and graduated from the Prestigious Second City Improv/Writing Conservatory Program. She has also studied with Larry Moss, John Kirby, Anthony Meindl, Annie Grindley, Anthony Gilardi, Ivana Chubbick, Chick Vennera, and Play House West. 

Eva's commitment to personal growth extends beyond her professional pursuits. She is a dedicated fitness enthusiast trained in martial arts disciplines such as Muay Thai and BJJ. Her thirst for knowledge is evident in her ongoing pursuit of a Master's degree in Business Communication and her love for physics, neuroscience, and World History. She is also an avid screenwriter and musician and loves hiking with her sweet Australian Shephard Scout. 

She is a Line Producer and was recently accepted into the Producers Guild of America & Television Academy. 

Ethnicity: Indigenous Native American/Mexican

Voice: 1st Soprano-/Mezzo-Soprano

Local Hire: Nashville, ATL, NC/SC, Seattle, Louisiana, Texas, New York, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Boise, and Los Angeles

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